Meditation is my Medication




It is incredible how fearful thoughts can develop and change the trajectory of our journey.  Similar to the  out of control “Thomas Fire” that burned 280,000  acres in Southern California the mind can burn with negative thoughts and fears that can cause significant damages.  In the past I have been reactionary towards these fears. I’ve sought out likeminded people who confirm these fears wile adding  to the fire with more of their own fears.  This  way of living was exhausting, fear based living did not serve me or others. It was horrific to my mental and physical health and took a toll on the people who loved me. I was living in fear.

 FEAR= False~ Evidence~ Appearing~ Real

Fear starts out as a belief that is shared with others then become real. The recipes for suffering through fear contain a resentment, fact projection, time travel, fact-finding evidence to support the fear and lots of  energy.  My “case” (as I would refer to it) becomes a file cabinet that I carry with me ever place I go.  If I begin to relax I share this fear I will continue to keep it alive by spreading it to others. Then I can add an opinions file to my file cabinet. Finally at some point  my mind becomes tired. I begin to lose sleep. I become obsessed with winning my case. I am unable to be of service to others. I am living in self-centered fear attached to the outcome” I feel would work best for me”. I am  not concerned with the over all good of the universe just me. The fires are igniting in my head setting myself up on a full burnout. I am not living in peace. I am in a dream of Hell!


Then suddenly  I wake up to myself, my behavior, my actions, and deeds. I own it I am in fear. I observe it I don’t judge it. I catch myself and redirect my actions when realize I am living in fear. I don’t beat myself up rather I lift myself up. The next action I must take is to ask the power greater than myself for help. I turn to God, I hit my knees and I ask  “Please God, help me, give me, how can I serve thee.”



A steady mind is the most effective antidote to fear. If you control the breath you can control the mind. The next time you are excited regarding some person, place, or thing that you find unacceptable in this world observe your breathing. It has been my experience that my breathing as been as erratic as my mind. This solution all starts with awareness that you are having an allergic reaction the unacceptable situation.


The job I did not get, the relationship that parted ways, the light’s tuned red to the opportunities that did not unfold as we had hoped. These are all experiences that every one of us face from time to time.  Maybe better things are in store for you. Our job and life’s purpose is not always a financial exchange.  Maybe your temporary life mission for a brief period of  time is to simply be of service sharing your gift of  time. It could be your needed to be of service to a friend or family member going through a health crises. Our job is not to fix or mend, just to be to present to hold a hand doing Gods work saying.  “You are not alone I am here for you.” God may have more important plans for your right now to be present for others is your job.

The relationship that took a shift may have served its life for the lesson now.  The separation  may be necessary part for your individual journey’s to unfold. More will be revealed its in Gods time not ours.

If the light did not turn red you would have been involved in a car accident.


I work for God asking him daily “Lord please make me a channel of thy peace. Take me all of me.  I abandon myself to you. Remove me of any defects of character that stand in my way of usefulness to you and my fellows. Thy will not mine be done.” Over time I began to cultivate a belief that God’s grace will show up in every experience. I have to be open-minded and allow it to be as it is.  Only after the surrender will I began to feel a sense of ease and comfort. The sooner I was able to accept the unacceptable and allow my destiny to unfold trusting that God, my father will turn everything to good. After this revelation that I found the ability to tap into the peace in my soul. It is as if I have a built-in GPS (God Protection System) to put me back on the path of love every time. God has always sent one of  his legion of Angel in all different places to pull me back on the path.

My prayers are practice even at times of peace!

Today my prayers are practice daily sometimes through out the day.  They keep me in spiritual fitness for when the wheels of fate spin my way.  Upon awaking I set my positive intentions  then at night due I say thank you for the life lessons and blessings.  If I have trouble sleeping  due to some unacceptable situation , I pray.  When I am afraid that my love one will be hurt, I pray that God protect them. When my child is learning a lesson I do my best to stay out-of-the-way, and  I pray.  That they learn the lesson and are aware of  the blessing so they don’t need endure or repeat the pain. I need to trust that God’s Has them too! When times are good I pray and Thank God daily.  I never pray to win the lottery because I believe I already have. I have healthy children, a home to live in, food to eat, friends, fellowship, love in my heart and God in my soul.  I am grateful!

Meditation is the practice of Mental Physical Fitness

I could only do about three minutes in the beginning of my practice.  My mind was a three-ring circus. I couldn’t sit still with myself my mind raced. Often my thoughts were craving more people to fuel the inferno of fear within my mind. I am fairly certain that God had sent several people to pull me off the dark side. I just wasn’t ready to take the leap. I needed to stop watching the news stay out of negative places.  Then I needed to fuel my mind with positive happy up beat images. I craved to fellowship with other like minded people who were healthy getting healthier.  I began meditating on positive affirmations. “I am a beautiful person, I am a wonderful person, I love myself exactly as I am.”  This practice was healing  to my soul putting sunshine back in my spirit. Mediation was food for my soul.  I began to practice meditation daily.  Today I can sit for twenty-five minutes to a thirty minutes in silence feeling the breath move through my body, lowering my blood pressure feeling my heart beating. This power within us all is a self regulating system that supplies us with serenity, reduces blood pressure, effects stress hormones and even changes our cellular health.

I was unaware disconnected from myself.  Meditation guides me back to my divine innocent essence of my eight year old self. It helps me to be the  honest, awake, aware of others feelings. Through the practice of meditation I become part of the universe not the center of it! The Child of God  I alway hope that I can be. Spontaneous laughter, gratitude and joy overcome me on a daily basis as a direct result of my practice.

Today my Meditation practice consists of the following; breath meditation, walking meditations, focused attention meditations, fire meditations, loving kindness – meta meditations, Kundalini meditations, sound mediations, mantra mediations, pranayama Mediations, Zen Mediations, guided meditations. Mediations have become a sustainable tool to navigate though the journey of life. Grace has reentered my soul radiating light to others. My true essence is alive when I am walking in the sunlight of the spirit. I invite you  to walk along the pathway to serenity with me.

I hope that you will one day join me for a meditation workshop or a class.  I am open to answer any question about my trainings or experience.

Shine On Bonnie

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