Be careful what you wish for… It just might come true.

It is crazy when you think about this state of the world right now how much this little virus has had such a big impact. Like many of us, I  lead a  multidimensional life. At some points, I was PTA mom, dance mom,  entrepreneur of three businesses,  a yoga business, air b n b hostess, I own and manage a eighty-six person liquor establishment, a writer, a landscaper, housekeeper and women in recovery who actively attended meetings.

My mantra was:

Its a lot

Not to much

I can manage it!

I will do my best

I would do my best to take care of myself first to eat healthily, walk daily, exercise, attend meetings. Each time and place had a task at hand that I needed to accomplish in order to get it all done. I received a rush and enjoyed the fact that what I  could accomplish daily. Occasionally I would complain when I realized how fast time was passing being so busy, but I truly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of my life. I was self-supporting and able to care for my own children and give them a very good life. They enjoyed nice gifts and we took beautiful vacations every year. I was able to put a few dollars in the bank for myself. I was also able to afforded to invest in myself and take more online classes to feed my quest for knowledge and build my self-esteem.

I was taking my daughter to theater company on Mondays, Tuesday was gymnastic than a private singing lesson, Wednesday was basketball after school and Thursday was the “Chance to Dance” afterschool program and Friday was freedom Friday with no specials after school activities. That was just her schedule I had a full one before I was ready to pick her up from school. There was always some task to be done between my 3 businesses. I was beginning to feel tired and I said a couple times I wish life could just slow down for a bit it is moving way to fast!

And now it has…

Here we are in this time in the universe all snuggled in our homes. No extra activities except for the ones that can be done online. I can not host a guest because of the virus, I can not open my establishment because of the virus, I can’t teach outdoor classes, I can’t enter rehabs to teach recovery yoga and Schools are canceled! I received what I asked for!


So first it is acceptance of the current state of the world. Second, educate myself about how can I live to be safe and protect my family. Third, how can I take this lesson and turn it into a blessing!

Gratitude is always the answer! I have to practice daily gratitude. I have to witness when negative energy is seeping into my soul and contaminating my space then flowing into others.  It seems as if daily there is a bewitching hour and I get a little agitated.  So now the real work is recognized and ask God in a holy instant please take this fear from me. I can recite the St. Francis prayer and remember the Universe is God’s business my health is mine.

How is my exercise since this pandemic has entered our lives? It is inconsistent and sporadic. With this information, I can witness not judge and take action today.

I had to take a food inventory since this latest trama has erupted, it’s horrible! I have been eating sugar and ice cream as if it is helping cure the virus! It is only going to change the size of my waist and the size of my a&*! So again, I get to witness not judge! I can ask God in a holy instant, “God please help me to make healthier choices with food and exercise.”

So maybe you are like me a woman or a man who was always on the go a free spirit who has had their wings clipped by this pandemic. Happiness or suffering it is up to us do we view it as a blessing or a curse. Do we accept and utilize this time to give ourselves and our loved ones a little extra love? Can we witness not judge our character defenses that arise out of the mud? We may be powerless over many things in this world but our reactions and our practices still are up to us.

Can we practice love and kindness with our loved ones who have there own time of day that the stress gets to them? Returning to love is always the answer. Love for ourselves, love for others and love of the universe.

We can all do our part! Stay home utilize this time as a period reflection on our behaviors and moods. DO NOT BEAT YOUR SELF UP! Witness, observe, be honest and then look at your character assets. Take a strengths test to find out your assets then begin to build up and make them stronger.

Time is the most precious gift we can give anyone, why not give this time to ourself?

Its springtime a perfect time to weed that garden of your soul!

Shine On,


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